About Us At Purecha Group

The Purecha Group of Industries was established in 1997 with the determination and positive approach of the Purecha Brothers the group established Maneksha Pharmachem in and then got an even better market hold with establishing Sonal Plasrub Industries Pvt.Ltd.


We specialize in Fine Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals and Bromination Compounds. As one of India's leading chemical manufacturing companies the Purecha Group has an excellent and modernly equipped R&D dept. Our company's future is one of leadership in a widening spectrum of Specialty market. Our goal is to continue to grow profitably through focused marketing, superior product and application development and unexcelled service.


At the Purecha Group we are banking for the future by achieving excellence and specialty today.


To meet the purchaser need in today's complex chemical market, our diverse services provide our customers with unparallel flexibility and responsiveness. Our unique integrated manufacturing capabilities enable us to control every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring our customers a superior, high quality end product.